Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy SUPER Belated Holidays!

Boy was December a busy went so fast and was filled with a ton of fun and excitement! We started off with my continued healing from my surgery. Each day has gotten me closer to normal which feels good and refreshing with a continued positive outlook on what this world has to offer. Our family has enjoyed the holiday season and all of the activities that go along with it.
Payton putting on the Star!
We started off with putting up the Christmas tree, decorating our house inside and out, and patiently awaiting the arrival of our annual visitor, Zeus. Zeus is our family elf on the shelf that comes to visit each year from the North Pole for the month of December to report to Santa nightly until Christmas Eve when he goes back to the North Pole. Zeus was into some mischief and the kids loved finding him each morning.
We also got some pictures ready for our annual Christmas card which turned out to be the laugh of the season....let's just say that the forgetful side effect from my Tamoxifin is in full effect. I ordered 100 cards from Walmart and sent my hubby off to pick them up for me. When he got home, he was looking over the cards and asked me, "who is John, Jane, Aiden, and Parker?" Immediately, I knew what I had done. When I ordered the cards, I sort of forgot to type our names in so the default names came printed on our card. Now that's funny...and I definitely earned the daily title for "Dork of the day". Luckily, Walmart has a great satisfaction guarantee policy...even when it is the customer that messes up. They gave us a full refund and printed another 100 cards with our appropriate monikers. Unfortunately, our card wasn't debuting a bald picture or my husbands beautiful face...that might be why the card turned out so great....the second time around.
The weekend prior to Winter Break, my little sister graduated from Black Hills State University, my alma mader. She got her bachelor's degree in Physical Education. It was crazy to think that it was 12 years ago that I was graduating from BH. I love that school and we are so proud of Rae Rae for finishing up and doing so well. It was great to get back to Spearfish and then to Gillette to catch up with some friends and family that I haven't seen for such a long time. 

The long awaited winter break finally got started when I got the opportunity to accompany my kids at their class holiday parties. There is nothing better than getting to be a mom and see my children enjoying themselves at school....might I add that their behavior is quite impressive compared to their acrobatic ways of getting down a flight of stairs at home. The parents that organized the parties did a great job in creating a ton of fun for the kids.
Our Christmas plans were very relaxed and stress free for the most part. For the first time, we were blessed to stay home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day....just our little family of four. It actually made me a little nervous because we have always been with family on these days, but it was so pleasant and easy going. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy a house full, but every once in awhile it's kind of nice to enjoy ourselves. I still made my traditional family recipes for dinner and even experimented with cooking my first prime turned out pretty good. At least I didn't get any complaints.
This holiday season was also bittersweet because we were thoroughly spoiled by a Denver foundation that has adopted our family. The Doreen Katz Memorial Foundation adopted our family in October. This foundation does a tremendous job of supporting children who has a parent that has undergone treatment for cancer. We are so incredibly thankful for the number of ways that they have helped our family. To start, they are covering the cost of full day Kindergarten for Rylan. They will provide our family with counseling if necessary for our kids and as a family. 

This Christmas, Adam, the founder and president of the Katz Foundation, along with two of his board members, came to our house and unloaded a large SUV with mounds of gifts that were donated by a group of people. If only I could have the opportunity to give each and everyone of them a hug, I would jump at the opportunity. The amount of joy and care put into each gift was unbelievable. I was left completely speechless and tearful as they unloaded the gifts into my living room. Here I thought getting on stage with Keith Urban was so incredible, but I have to say that the amount of love my husband and I felt that day and still today will reside in our hearts forever. The smiles and joy that came from my children on Christmas morning was one that I will always remember.

The day after Christmas, we drove up to the "blue roof" in South Dakota to spend Christmas with my family.  Cabin Christmas is one of my favorite things to do.  I got to spend time with my Anner's and her family.  Grandpa and Daddy took the kids sledding, we swam at the pirate pool, watched movies and stayed nice and warm in the cabin.  Grandpa even finished the bathroom upstairs so now we have two bathrooms and two was so nice!!  Well, that's all for now and here's to a happy and healthy 2014!!!! 
New Shower at the Cabin!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy to be Cancer FREE!


This holiday was the start of my final step in being cancer free and back to me.  I was nervous that's for is scary sometimes.  We scheduled my final surgery for the day before Thanksgiving for several reasons.  We knew that I would need time to recover and time when I'm working is precious in terms of available sub time.  I also wanted it to be a time when I could relax and when someone is taking care of my students at school, relaxing is difficult.  Brent wanted me to enjoy some rest without having to cook....bless his heart.  Thanks to Texas Roadhouse and my family, we enjoyed a very tasty nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner that was delicious. 

Post Surgery---I was really HAPPY!

As I was preparing for my reconstructive surgery, I had to sign off for implants and liposuction....I had a hard time swallowing that word.  I knew that Dr. Boustred recommended the liposuction to thicken areas of skin to ensure that my implants would be safe for the future.  You should have heard the number of offers I had for donating fat for my liposuction....comical, I tell you.  Little do you all know, this lady has plenty of insulation to reassign that is already located within my body.  It should be known that the liposuction portion was the part of recovery that causes the pain and swelling, unlike my implants.  After a couple of days of laying around and taking serious meds, I was back at it in slow speed. 

My first outing was tailgating at the CSU Rams football game.  It felt so good to get some fresh air and visit with friends.  My little family had a great time at the game, while I headed home for more projects....imagine that. 


On Black Friday, I DIDN'T get out and shop the sales.  Instead, I sat in my chair while Juan and Brent painted our trim around the windows in the living room's stinkin' beautiful!  That's what I wanted for Christmas, and leave it to Brentwood to come through....actually, I found out that he was worried I was going to hire it out and pay a boat load of money if he didn't get on it.  Man, he knows me well.  Of course this treat motivated me to redesign the curtains in my living room since we had to take them down and wash them, so my mom and I went to work.  I did the cutting and she did the her! 


As we head back to school for 14 days before winter break....who's counting???  I am really looking forward to our holiday traditions.  Although I won't have a lot of cancer related posts for you to look forward to, I will continue to blog about the awesome experiences we have in being cancer free and the opportunities for me to help others that are enduring the disease.  I hope you will tune back in occasionally to see what this Uhrich is yacking about....right now it's all about being happy and healthy.


Monday, November 25, 2013

The Last Leg of my Race



I am preparing for my last hurdle in this race.  On Wednesday, November 27th, I will go through my last surgery to finish up my reconstruction.  It's no where near as serious as my mastectomy, but for some reason, I'm much more nervous for this one.  When you go into something, you're not really sure about it because you have never experienced it before, you have the gift of the unknown....I'm learning that I really liked that with the 1st surgery .  Now with my reconstruction, I feel like I have done this before, but I haven't.  The knowledge of experience can taint your trust and confidence.  However,   Dr. Boustred is convinced I'm some miracle patient.  He continuously tells me that I healed so well and quickly with my mastectomy that this would be nothing, compared to my first surgery.  I am taking his word for it....and hoping for the very best.  If you have a moment to send me positive thoughts and prayers, I will take them.  The power of your continued support has certainly made this journey an inspirational path for me to learn about my strength and ability to pull through tough experiences.  I couldn't do it without the continued support of my family members and friends...all of them.  My parents are coming down to be here with our kids and my little sister is coming down as well.  I am so excited to see them.  My husband thought it was pretty brilliant to plan my surgery the day before Thanksgiving to get me out of cooking.  Great plan, except that I love my staple side dishes for Thanksgiving....what better than to have my family here to help prep them while I rest.  

Filling out paperwork at my pre-op appt!

Speaking of my favorite side items....well, it just so happens that two of them come from another sweet lady that inspires me day in and day out....and on Saturday mornings on the Food Network...I like to call her P-dub...also known as Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman.  I LOVE her in all caps!  Her recipes are to die fer..yes to die fer!  I am requesting her creamy mashed potatoes and caramel apple pie...I'll probably make the pie on Tuesday to keep my nerves in check...baking therapy goes a long way for me.  Speaking of my inspiration....I got to meet her....which means that bald pictures were in order...she is every bit as amazing as she comes off on TV and on her blog.  My loving friend, Stacie was a total trooper and joined me for the 4 hour wait to see P-dub.  It was totally worth every my world.  Thanks Stace for showing me the love that night.  I thoroughly enjoyed some Stacie time to catch up and giggle a bit.  


 I also wanted to give a shout out to my beloved "Papa".  I love this man.  He has been pure goodness to me since the very first day I met him.  I miss my grandparents so much, but having Papa here to visit with fills my heart.  Since my first diagnosis, Papa has been treating me to gallons of his homemade ice cream that is a dream in a bucket.  As soon as I run out, he comes right back and brings me another gallon to keep my weight in check during chemo.  I managed to get another picture with a person who has touched me and that person is my "Papa".  I love you Papa, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for Brent and I.  You know, I learned how to idolize you from your grandson.  We think you are the most incredible man.  Yet another bald pic with my inspiration, Papa.  

It's hard to believe that I was diagnosed 7 months ago on April 26th.  Life has continued to stay busy over the past couple of months.  My kids finished up soccer and started right up with basketball.  They continue to improve at every practice and game.  I have watched a number of basketball games in my life with Brent's high school teams and as a cheerleader (yes, I'm still proud of that title, Brent doesn't get it). I can honestly say that the very best games I have ever seen involved watching my kids play while their daddy coaches them.  It's like no other.  



I'll put up my next post in the next week to show off my new hair growth and well, my new assets.  Ta-tas for now (ha ha!)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm a Survivor!!

Boy, have I been waiting to say that!  It has been three weeks since my last chemo treatment and although it has been a while since my last post, life hasn't slowed down a bit.  Here's what we have been up to since my debut with Keith Urban...I'm still in the stage of tearing up every time I think about that moment...still so surreal!  Here's my video of the experience, but know that the visual isn't great, however, audio is excellent:

I cry every time I watch that video and cannot thank our great friends and tremendous supporters, Stacie and Brian.  They have been there since the day I found the lump....I can't thank them enough for always being there to take our kids last minute for appointments, for dinner dates to keep my mind occupied with great memories, for venting sessions when life was getting me down, but most of all for always being there for us.  Love you guys!

I have to brag a little about my made our Fort Collins Coloradoan...front page people!! Yep, I'm big time now...not really but I like to think so..ha!  I got a call from a reporter asking to interview me about how I did my fundraising through social media.  Of course, I was flattered and felt all famous like that...again, ha!  The best part was during my interview in my ever so professional living room, my children decided to treat the banister as if it were a cliff and began tossing items over the railing while they were attached to a jump rope in a suicidal display for the reporter...fabulous!  Luckily, she had a great sense of humor and wasn't bothered by the entertainment I had lined up for her.  That's what I love about my unpredictable!  Here's the picture that made the newspaper...or "magazine" in the words of my children.

Another exciting event that took place as I mentioned before was my final treatment of chemo therapy.  Yahoo!  It was such a great day!  I was so stinkin' excited that I couldn't sleep the night before despite the sleeping pills I had taken to help me out.  One obstacle that made me super nervous was the fact that I had been fighting off one sickness to the next, prior to my treatment and if my white blood cell counts weren't high enough, it could affect my ability to get chemo.  So, I did my routine phone calls prior to my appointment.  Must call mom (oh wait she was here) and pray with Ann-Marie.  Check!  I went in for my blood draw and although I asked the nurse to pull from a vein other than the most obvious one in my arm, she didn't listen to me.  Shocker!  This was a bit troublesome when it came time for my treatment because they couldn't get my veins to cooperate.  Then, Kathy came to my rescue and got the IV placed.  I was busy with my visitors and amazing supporters Tara Bernhardt, my sister Shauna, and my mom.  Oh yeah, Brent was there too, but with 4 women in the room, he was put on the back burner. We spent my three hours laughing, eating, and talking about everything under the sun...of course!  It was a little bitter sweet when I got ready to go, so I had to get a picture with Kathy...I got permission to post this pic of her!  She's totally checking out my rack!  Love it, and her!  Kathy made chemo therapy a cake walk...the recovery, not so much, but I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with her every three weeks.

When I got home from therapy, I went and got my littles from school and then had my cousins from California come over.  They happened to be coming through Colorado and stopped for a night, so we could see their sweet little bundle, Emmalie.  Love her and all of her sweetness.  It was so great to visit with them and play with a baby.  Payton was so excited that we had a baby in the house and that she got to hold her.  Rylan wasn't quite interested.  I think he likes to be the baby of the family. 

The hardest part of my last chemo day was saying good bye to my sister.  I love that lady!  She really gets the brunt of my frustration (from cancer, not my husband...that's a whole post on it's own....totally kidding!) most of the time and has been such a huge part of my journey to being a survivor.  She was always there to lift my spirits when I was going through all of the alarming physical changes that are so hard to cope with.  She was there to help me with my kids and for support during my surgery.  She was there the umpteen million times that I would call her to distract my mind from where it was headed.  She was there to ALWAYS be truthful and honest when I needed it, without hurting my feelings.  She was there when I had scares that started to take me down the wrong road to not-so-awesome!  She's my sister, and man, I couldn't live without her!

It may seem crazy that I had so much company during my chemo, but I really don't start to feel crummy until Day 4.  The next day after chemo, I headed to work.  The parents of my students probably think I am crazy, but I truly felt normal until Day 4.  This round, there was a chance that I could need a white blood cell boost, but my count was high enough that I by passed what could have been a painful set back.  I had taken a day off in preparation for the shot, but got to enjoy the day by hanging out and sneaking in lunch with my favorite supporters, my kids.  I definitely have to say there is something really special about being able to surprise my kids with lunch.  My heart smiles every time I do this....maybe because it is one of the only times my kids are excited to see me.  Not really, I just love to visit them and meet all of the little people that they have met at school and talk about at the dinner know, Network??? I met him and Spiky Hair...only to find out that these little friends were calling my son, Ryan...better than inanimate objects!  What goes around, comes around, I guess. Too funny!

Next came the weekend of recovery and it went okay for me.  I was exhausted and did a lot of resting, but seemed more restless this time.  I may have been a little anxious about not having to feel that way again.  I still get giddy, thinking about it.  I never have to feel over full but hungry...indescribable uncomfortable feeling.  I never have to endure the worry of the billion side effects that come along with the medicine that kills cancer. 

On the flip side, I am a survivor of Breast Cancer and for that I'm so incredibly grateful.  I am a survivor because I have the most incredible supporters a person could ever ask for.  I'm a survivor because Brent's family and my family were amazing and were always there to help out, no matter what it was we needed.  I am a survivor because my co-survivor is the most incredible person I have ever met and has taken every painstaking situation and held my hand through it...blessed beyond words by this man. I am a survivor because of the Zach community that helped ease the financial stress that was put on us, along with making so many yummy meals for my family.  I can't thank the Zach staff and parents enough for their support, especially my teammates.  I am a survivor because my children cheered me on and kept a smile on my face through innocent unknown support.  I am a survivor because this Road to Awesome has been a gift that I will forever be grateful for experiencing.  The fact that I will be able to pass along the awesome is the goal I had from the beginning and so I look forward to the years to come in my ability to continue to experience AWESOME!

My first celebration as a survivor came at a week and a half into it, where I participated with a team of friends and family in the Race for the Cure in Denver, CO.  I heard about this race in my first 5K in Fort Collins in support of Hope Lives.  The number of people that participated in this race was absolutely incredible...38,000 people incredible.  It was a great way to start my Sunday, and having my supporters (My co-workers Peg, Jean, Amy K and Brooke, my sister Rae Rae, My dad Bill, my sister Shauna and and my number 1...Brent) with me was pretty powerful.  Brent and I took part in the Survivor Celebration which was a pretty emotional experience.  Let's just say, if you play a cancer song for a week and a half survivor, chances are you will see water works.  I think my husband was even tearing up under his sunglasses.  It wasn't pretty...and then my husband pulls out his phone to take a picture of me think I'm kidding...I nearly back handed him right there in front of 38,000 people.  I definitely plan on continuing to participate in this annual event each year to celebrate the survivors and support the patients that are fighting the fight.  My mom stayed for the week following and I can't thank her enough for all of her help.  

My Race for the Cure Team!!
Me and My Co-Survivor!!

Was going to be my race day hair but I figured my head would get too hot!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything....

 Photo: Thank you for a great weekend of shows Colorado!! It's taken me a few days to get to this post.  I'm still star struck and trying to kick my chemo side effects.  So I thought I would tell you all the whole story behind my once in a life time opportunity of meeting the musician I have loved and adored for many, many years.
To fill you in on a little background, last Sunday I was getting ready and unfortunately found another lump in my armpit near the bottom of my incision on the same side as my first lump.  I tried not to freak out immediately, but way easier said than done with all that I have been through.  I screamed for my husband to come check it out since he is my professional lump finder and he reassured me that it was probably something from my surgery. Our assumptions were that it was probably a swollen lymph node from my cold or some scar tissue from my incision.  Regardless, I was worried sick and needed a doctor's opinion.  I already had an appointment with Dr. Medgesy on Monday morning at 10:00am for my chemo check, so I knew it would happen sooner than later.
On Monday, I went to school like normal and didn't psych myself out until I was needing to tell some people who were covering me for my appointment.  After sharing what I thought was fine, I called my sister and lost it.  I wasn't fine about the lump.  In fact, I was mortified by it and scared to death.  Brent continued to come in and calm me down, as did my sister on the phone, so I was able to make it through the morning with my students, no problem.
We finally left for my appointment and I knew that I would get to see my partner in crime, as she had chemo that day.  This always puts a smile on my face.  We went to my appointment first. 
Dr. Medgesy was incredibly calm which is what I love about her.  I mentioned the lump before she even got a chance to hug me. say the least!  I hopped up on the medical bed and she thoroughly checked me over.  She didn't think the lump was anything to worry about, but she wanted an ultrasound done to make sure.  At this point, my hopes had dropped and again worry was setting in super quick.  It was wonderful to know that she wasn't overly concerned because we had such good margins during my surgery.
Before I left the office, I popped in to see my friend and gave her a hug.  I let her know about the ultrasound and she had the same reaction as me.  Lets just say, I wasn't expecting it, but was a little happy to know exactly what was going on.
Fast forward two days and it is Wednesday...Ultrasound Day/Chemo Day!  We had my ultrasound early in the morning and I was a little more insistent about having my husband with me in the room this time around.  Don't test this lady!  It's a really good thing because I was super scared about what we might find out. Funny thing was that my nurse was the same gal that took care of Brent when he had his splenectomy, ten years ago and she totally remembered us!  They did the ultrasound on my lump to find a mass that was 8mm by 5mm, but the good thing was that it was liquid filled...this is a good sign in the cancer part of the world, I guess.  It ended with Dr. Jean asking for a biopsy on the lump to get a definitive answer on what exactly had formed in my armpit.  At this point, I had super mixed feelings.  I also wanted to know exactly what it was, but the biopsy is what lead to my diagnosis of cancer last time and that realization was terrifying.   She left the room and I sobbed in my husband's arms.  All I want is to be healthy and I am so close.  That's all that kept going through my head.  What I would give to have "normal" back again...I would never take that for granted.  We proceeded with the biopsy and again my husband got to sit through the whole thing.  He says it was cool...those are NOT the words that were going through my head.  It was quick and we knew we would get the results by Friday.  Thank goodness...the waiting game might be the most nerve racking part of cancer.

After my biopsy, we headed over for a blood draw, lunch, and then my chemo session.  When I got to chemo, I was surprised by my teammates who had come over during lunch to cheer me on...they made my day!  I needed those hugs and laughter after everything I had been through that morning.  Chemo started off with a snap...literally!  My favorite nurse Kathy, was trying to get a heating pad started and it blew up on her.  I'm so thankful that she was alright.  I finished chemo and got to pick up my littles.  Those two babies do it for this lady.  I don't think there's anything better than hugs and kisses and conversations with your own kids.   

The day had finally come for me to go to the concert I had been waiting for since before my diagnosis.  I had moved my chemo treatment, thanks to my husband insisting that I wouldn't feel good if I didn't.  Boy was he right!  Brent knows me so's kinda scary sometimes! At 8:05am, the phone rang and it was the Cancer about knots in your stomach.  They told me it was non-cancerous and that they would just monitor it.  I hung up, hugged Brent and the water works began again...I emotional. After composing ourselves, Brent and Payton went down in the basement to "work" on something, so I headed down to check it out...until I was stopped by my 7-year old insisting that it was a surprise and that I couldn't see it yet.  I turned around and headed back up the stairs. A little while later, Payton came running upstairs beaming from ear to ear holding a sign they had made and colored.  It read, "take my wife on stage-cancer survivor" with two pink ribbons on each side.  Touched by her, is an understatement.  I am surrounded with the most loving three people I could ever be so lucky to have. 

 Later on, we jumped in the car, Keith Urban bound.  I was feeling pretty good since I was on day three after chemo.  We checked into our hotel room and waited to meet up with our friends, Brian and Stacie. Later, we went out to dinner and then headed up to Red Rocks.  The traffic was atrocious and needless to say, I was driving.  I'm not much of a risk taker when it comes to traffic.  About an hour and a half later we found ourselves making the hike up to the concert.  However, I was on day three and knew that the hike might very well use up the last ounces of energy I had what do you do, but hop a cab to the top of course! Best idea ever..thanks Brent!  About five minutes later we were at the top and getting frisked by the security guards.  
We made it to our seats and were welcomed by the freedom to smoke pot in our state immediately.  Let me just say for the record, I didn't vote that one in.  Completely annoyed and beyond pissed off, I decided I wasn't going to let it ruin my night...that I had waited so long for.  
Keith started the show by walking on stage nonchalantly by himself ever so cool and relaxed, like he is and then his band followed.  I stood there swaying in Brent's arms to the music loving every minute of it.  This was probably our tenth Keith concert, so we had a pretty good idea of how it would all go. I always love his sign check.  He does this every time so that people aren't holding up signs and blocking the views of other fans. This time he got out a huge spotlight and shined it into the crowd.  He was searching and landed on our sign that Brent was waving, it's good that he's 6'3! Keith said, "Take my wife on stage".  He paused, "Well, where is your wife?"  I popped up in front of the sign and he said, "well, come on down here baby!"  He can call me baby anytime.  I made my way through the crowd and received a couple hundred hugs, high fives, OMGs, and I, myself, was just trying to keep from falling down the stairs.  
As I headed up on stage, I remember thinking to myself, just breathe.  Don't cry...even though this is a dream come true...just breathe and take every moment in.  I entered the stage and hopped, jumped, maybe even skipped over to him.  I COULD NOT believe what was happening. Keith put his arm around me and I was speechless, laughing, smiling uncontrollably, and trying to keep it cool.  He asked me where my husband was and I pointed to where our seats were.  Little did I know, Brent had nearly crowd-surfed his way down to the front row and pretty much beat me to the bottom.  I saw him in the front and pointed him out.  Keith said, "if this is your husband, then who's up there?"  Brent quickly replied, "Her boyfriend!"  That's our typical response.  Keith invited Brent on stage and I couldn't stop hugging Brent.  It was UNREAL I tell you.  Then Keith asked us our names, which we replied appropriately, but I was lucky to get anything out.  I was so overjoyed I couldn't really talk.  He asked me where we were from, in which I replied, "Fort Collins".  Then Brent took his chance and yelled, "Go Rams!" in the microphone.  I had to cheer because it's the Rams...must cheer. That was followed with a few boos, but we were nearly in Boulder, so it was to be expected.  After that, Keith took our picture with the crowd and then asked us what the sign said.  Brent proudly held it up and read it to him.  I don't think until that moment he had realized that I was a cancer patient.  I look that good, people....ha! 
I had made a deal with Brent that if I got on stage, I would take my wig off....well, I did it.  You never break a promise with my husband.  When I took off my wig, Keith dropped to his knees.  I don't think he could believe what he was seeing.  The crowd at this point went absolutely crazy.  I have to say I wasn't expecting a reaction quite like it happened.  I truly did it because I made a promise and if my hubs made this dream come true, I certainly owed it to him to follow through on my part. Brent snapped a picture of my bald head and Keith Urban. Keith gave me a few smooches one on my bald head. A moment I will never forget.  After that craziness, Brent and I headed off the stage and went back to our seats.  
It wasn't until we got back to our seats that all of the excitement hit me...I started crying tears of joy, excitement, thankfulness for all of the amazing things that have occurred in my life, and most of all, I felt so incredibly lucky to have gotten that opportunity.  A few minutes later, we were interrupted by a gentleman who was giving us his front row tickets.  He took us down to the front and we stood in the front row, center stage for the rest of the concert, dancing, singing our hearts out, and living in a surreal moment.  There is nothing better than singing and dancing in the arms of the one you love. 

 After the concert, we continued to get celebratory high fives, hugs, gifts, and comments about what had happened, even when we got back to the hotel.  I have to say that this night was a reminder of how much of an impact one simple act can have on so many people.  Something I hadn't necessarily realized.  Although cancer can sometimes be a cuss word, it really has shown me the beauty of life and love of all things simple.  I have learned so much from this journey, but most of all I have learned to love out loud.
After this amazing night, I spent the next two days in bed sleeping away my chemo...nearly 24 hours in two days.  Sounds crazy and a bit far-fetched, but totally real.  I was one tired pup.  I have received many people reaching out to me through my facebook page, my blog, email, texts, and even on Keith Urban's facebook page.  In the meantime, my husband has been on a frenzy, impersonating me so that others can get their questions answered, while I slept the day away.  Thanks, sug!
On a final note, I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be a team captain for the Race for the Cure down in Denver on Sunday, September 29th.  It is the largest 5K for Breast Cancer in the nation. I will include registration information in the column to the right, if you might be interested in joining my team: "Amy's Road to Awesome".  We are doing the 8:00 walk/jog!